“We unqualifiedly endorse Royal Indigo Construction as a premier builder on Kiawah Island.”

“In the Fall of 2013 we decided to build our dream house on the beach at Kiawah Island, SC. Our objective was to create a first class home that would serve as a magnet to our children and grandchildren. We had built five homes previously, but this was a far more significant undertaking in terms of complexity (e.g. the requirement to raze an existing house on the property), size (8 BR, 7,000 SF), and financial commitment.

We chose Royal Indigo after having reviewed examples of their workmanship and discussing the project with them. We were impressed by their honesty and straightforwardness and their lack of ego.

The construction project itself was as painless as a program of this size and scope can be. Royal Indigo kept us well-informed of project progress through technology that exposed us to important conversations between Royal Indigo, our architect, and the sub-contractors. Pictures were also posted to a website that gave us visual evidence of project progress. Royal Indigo gave us frequent updates on performance vs. budget such that we could regularly update the total projected costs for the home. It was a very transparent process.

The most significant thing I can say about our experience with Royal Indigo is that they treated this construction project as if it were their home. They really “owned” the project in a very obvious way. They came to understand our lifestyle and made suggestions along the way to make the home more consistent with that lifestyle. Royal Indigo and its sub-contractors also made detail changes that improved the final product. The sub-contractors did superb work which demonstrated their level of skill and the quality of their relationship with Royal Indigo.

We have now lived in our home for 19 months and we can honestly say that it has exceeded our expectations. And during these 19 months Royal Indigo has remained attentive to us. They have responded to things that needed attention and things we wanted to change. They never ignore us regardless of the 1 year warranty period. They conduct their business affairs with high integrity.

We unqualifiedly endorse Royal Indigo Construction as a premier builder on Kiawah Island.”

-Mike and Jill MacDonald
25 Surfsong Road
Kiawah Island, SC